Friday, February 26, 2010

A Crazy Year for the Kardashians?!?

Update 3/4/2010: The Kardashian sisters are on the cover of In Touch magazine this week. Apparently all three of them are having man trouble. You can check out the cover at

 I took a nap today and woke up quite startled. I basically dreamt about two central characters of the Kardashian family and the dream was so sad.  I do hope that although the dream was alarming that it means that The Kardashians year will be trans-formative.

I dreamt that Khloe Kardashian after a night of partying dies. She was vomiting all over the place and Kim was by her side just balling like a baby. Khloe died in her arms basically. Of course I am hoping that she doesn't die in real life this might just be a signal that she will become pregnant very soon or maybe she is purging the demons that has controlled her for years--Lamar Odom could definitely be the motivating factor here. Though there is a small chance of divorce.

In this same dream that went on for at least 2 hours Kim Kardashian after dying herself (I am not sure how this happened) was given a long strand of very expensive pearl necklace. I even tried it on and wanted to steal it. The odd thing was that the pearl necklace was paired with a jeans jacket. Pearls usually symbolize purity and maybe a proposal from her long time boyfriend Reggie Bush is around the corner.

The most far out thing about the dream was that I felt a presence in my room at some point of being awake and dreaming at the same time--truly creepy.

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