Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Andrew Koenig: Dead or Alive

Update 2/25/2010: Andrew Koenig is apparently dead. He killed himself. He was not dead when I wrote my psychic prediction of course. I try to be hopeful at times. I feel so sad for him. There was no other way out for him. I believe he had a really big cry before he died. He cried a lot.  I feel such an overwhelming sadness. RIP Andrew Koenig

I don't feel as if Andrew Koenig is dead. I don't feel like his spirit is on the other side. He is disillusioned plus he's a grown man, he can be wherever he wants. Hollywood obviously did this to the guy. He was miserable as an actor and felt trapped. He'll let it be known he's alive in a few days.  He doesn't even know he's missing.

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