Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexander McQueen Has Died

Alexander McQueen Fall-Winter 2009/2010 ready-to-wear - Paris

Alexander McQueen has committed suicide. His body was found this morning at his home is London. Suicide is not necessarily the best route out of this Earth but I feel like the man was at peace with himself before he did it. It's so easy to be on the outside looking in at his life and I'm sure it's one that many would love to live but he needed to go.  I don't feel as if he's completely dead as yet meaning that he is still around but he will go on over to the other side very soon (sounds strange I know). Let's call it death therapy.  I don't feel as if he left a suicide note because well he didn't feel like explaining to strangers why he died.

I remember McQueen as a 20-something up and coming designer and that is how he'll always be in my mind. He was happier back then obviously. RIP Lee McQueen

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Accurate Psychic said...

When I heard about it I'm so shocked because I didn't imagine that he'll gonna do it.I don't know what causes him to end his life.