Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Would They Ever....???

I was aghast when I read the recent rumors about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt separating. It just sounded a little too true but then I remembered my previous predictions about them not divorcing for another 15 or so years so..... I have no doubt that they are sorting out a pre-nuptial agreement; that's pretty smart. They are smart enough to know that the relationship will not last forever. I don't think these two really live for the future anyway which is again great. They are both enjoying each other.

There have also been rumors going around that Angie has cheated on Brad with her dialect coach for her new movie but that's just silly. She will never cheat on this man. If anybody is going to end the relationship it's going to be Brad Pitt anyway.


Toni said...

They better not! LOL

Anonymous said...

I do hope they stay together. At least the way Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Paul and Joanne both did a movie and fell in love even though he was married at that time too. Then Paul divorce and married Joanne and were married for fifty years!!

Carl said...

Why tabloid hate Angelina Jolie?


jigglypuff said...

They will not stay together 'till death do us part. Brad will become bored and look for thrills elsewhere. All the babies in the world will not save them as a couple.