Friday, January 29, 2010

What's Up With Lauryn Hill???

The Tinseltown To Gotham Pre-Oscar Event - Inside

Yes, she will be working on a new album this year. She'll come out of the woodwork swinging. Yay!!! More on her soon....


Kellz said...

Freaking awesome. What about her love life?

SinCity said...

Give us more info on what's been going on with her. Since she left the Fugees, she's been a true HOT MESS . . . and not only with hair, makeup, clothes and a personal life.

She just completely disappeared after she "made it", cut all her hair off (I thought she was asked to join a cult for her to do that)and her strange behaviour was just weird all the way around.

Please more info since Wyclef didn't even bother to ask her to the Hope for Haiti telethon.

I hope she's earning enough to feed that growing family.