Friday, January 08, 2010

What's in Store For Taylor Swift ???


Now that Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are dunzo. By the way if you read my prediction about this couple you might notice Perezhilton is reporting that Taylor Lautner and his "ex" Selena Gomez are now dating again. I specifically remember saying that Taylor S. would be caught up in a love triangle with Taylor L.

So now that Taylor is single again who will she be dating? As a side note Taylor Swift should probably be dating a woman. In no way am I implying that she is currently a lesbian but I think that is her safest bet (I'm just psychically predicting this stuff). She will have plenty of heartbreaks before she meets the right one. I don't see her dating an actor again. I know that she's learned the lesson that their egos are pretty huge.  I see her with an athlete but that is just so stereotypically of a beautiful southern belle. This guy she'll be dating is a football player type with blond hair. He's most likely a football player or maybe he just looks like one. We'll see her with this gentleman in June.

She's just going with the flow at the moment and being extra picky. The Queens of the Stone Age song is in my head.

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