Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Socialite Casey Johnson Dead at 30

Update 1/17/2010: Jason Davis another socialite affectionately known by bloggers as Gummi Bear overdosed on Heroin on January 12. Luckily he is alive but in the dream below I did state that there could be another death of a celebrity/socialite because of the two license plates I saw. This is creepy I wish Jason Davis luck with kicking his habit. He so cute and cuddly like a Gummi Bear so I wouldn't want him to kick the bucket so soon.

I find it very alarming that most of the celebrity deaths of the past few months have been prescription drug related and I have no doubt that thousands of people die every day of prescription overdose and that their are millions addicted to these legalized drugs. Shouldn't this be alarming to congress? Shouldn't they regulate these drugs more like they do marijuana and those "illegal" drugs? Obviously the drug companies have Congress by the balls. I really hope that something can be done about prescription pills because this is just sad. End of Rant. I'm going to write my congressman about this tomorrow.

Anyway I went to bed early before this news broke and woke up after having another bad dream about Death or DTH. I was dreaming about my old New York State license plate that had the "DTH" and I really hated it because it was just so morbid. Well I hate talking about predictions that I make that I don't publish but for the past couple days I've been haunted by death dreams about celebrities. I don't see faces but the dream I had a few hours ago actually had Casey Johnson's birth date on it.

I dreamnt that I was pulled out of gym class by two school saftey officers because my license plates were apparently stolen and he warned me that things might even get worse. The guard held up my license plate before my eyes and I saw the letters "DTH" then 8 numbers (Casey's DOB is 9/24/1979)  following it. The plates looked very hazy. I'm actually getting goosebumps writing about it. There was another girl pulled out of gym class with me in the dream so perhaps there will be another death coming soon.  I really don't feel as if this year will be as active as 2009 so let's not get scared guys.

I don't feel as if Casey committed suicide. I feel as if she took too many pills and just fell asleep never to wake up again.

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