Monday, January 18, 2010

Rihanna and Matt Kemp: Friends....

Rihanna Attends Los Angeles Clippers Game

Update 1/21/2010: So apparently Matt Kemp has a history of stalking, threatening and fighting with women. I totally got the creep mode from this guy. I wanted to mention David Justice Halle Berry's ex in my post but didn't want to sound all cheesy and racist even though I am black. Man, I despise this guy. Rihanna get rid of him.

I'm not quite sure if it's the turkey pot pie I had for breakfast that's making me nauseous or if it's Rihanna's new man friend Matt Kemp. I tried to give it time thinking Matt would grow on me but I don't like him. I didn't find him grabbing up Rihanna's assets and smiling for the camera funny when they were vacationing in Mexico nor his ad. Where is Jay-Z in all of this? Is this the best famous guy they could find? I am very positive Matt Kemp has a girl already. He is not into Rihanna at all. I seriously hope this relationship ends soon but sadly I see them dating till June.

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SinCity said...

Matt was paid to be her "public" companion. Apparently, they were tired of seeing Rihanna by herself and thought her photos needed some male meat.

It's also been rumoured she was dating one of the women in her entourage. This may not sit well with her public and hence the male companion in all the photos.

But you can tell by his body language, he's just not that into her . . . AT ALL!!