Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pam Anderson Likes 'Em Young

Pamela Anderson Learns How to Snowboard from Olympic Team!

Pam Anderson so happens to be one of my favorite celebrities.  Every time she breaks up with a boyfriend it's always stated how Tommy Lee hated the guys guts anyways but I really don't believe that. I don't see her and Tommy getting back together permanently. They are soul-mates in a difference sense.  I would love to see Pam with an older gentleman not old and wrinkly, sugar-daddy looking type but someone who will definitely take care of her but is young at heart and loves her for the kind soul she is. She needs to be with some who will make her laugh a Leslie Nielsen type but definitely decades younger.  I do see Pam marrying again but that won't be for a long while, at least 4 years. Her next man will definitely not be the blond haired surfer type we've seen her with for the past few years. Yea, Pam is definitely into drugs-- soft core drugs.

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