Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marriage For The Olsen Twins

Update 2/24/2010: Mary-Kate Olsen and Nate Lowman are dunzo! You know what Ashley go on and get married all by yourself--double weddings are for losers anyway!

I have this feeling that Ashley Olsen will be getting engaged to her boyfriend Justin Bartha in the next coming months. I want to say around June perhaps even on her birthday.  But I feel as if there will have to be some kind of synchronicity with her twin sister Mary-Kate who is also in a long term relationship with Nate Lowman regarding getting engaged so we have to watch out for that too.  Whatever the case one or both will be engaged. I like Ashley and Justin together. These twins are some serious young women they scare me but I'm glad they are consistent and know what they want.

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