Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haitian Earthquake

I have to blame my lack of post on the disaster that has happened in Haiti. It's just really jarring to have such things happen so close to home. Right now, I just feel helpless because Haiti is so close yet so far away. We can't just hop in ours cars and drive down there like some people did during Katrina. All we can do now is donate money and hope for the best. I am just unable to think about celebrities at this point but I'm sure I'll have something up my afternoon. 

I knew something like this would happen this year. There is a disastrous earthquake every year. There was one in China last year then the previous year in Pakistan I believe.  But you don't expect the magnitude of these things to happen in your backyard. Well I have to go now. It really even more sad  writing about it.

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