Saturday, January 02, 2010

Psychic Prediction/Forecast:Death Watch 2010

Update June 21, 2010: This particular prediction has bothered me since April 14, 2010. That is because I omitted the concert that I was actually attending in this prediction because the band that I was going to see isn't necessarily popular to the mainstream. I dreamt that I was going to see the band "Type O Negative" and their lead singer Peter Steele died on April 14th. I had a feeling before his death that a rock star would die but I didn't put it on the website. Anyway I just needed to get this out because this was the first time that I've been "personally" touched by a celebrity death ( I am a huge Type O Negative fan). 

I had a very creepy dream during a day time nap this dream possible predicts the death of a famous pop star. In the dream I took a bus trip to New Brunswick, Canada  to go to  a concert. When I went there it was announced that the singer had died. Now I know singers die every year but not very famous ones. I am really not up to date with my pop acts because I am more of a rock fan but let's just say a famous singer most likely a woman will die. Her first name might start with a "D" or an "M". I don't want to speculate or research let's just see how this all unfolds.

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