Saturday, January 23, 2010

Britney Spears: Just Sayin'

There is just something that's not sitting well with me when it comes to Britney Spears. There is something seriously wrong with her. She is mentally not well and I wish her family would just concede to that. There just seems to be nothing genuine when it comes to this girl. It's like she was made in China or in a lab. I know that sounds bad but that is the best metaphors I could come up with and it rightly fits. Not sure when this misery will end but I'm just sounding an alarm.


SinCity said...

Since the end of her tour, she's back to being "off". She's back on her Starbucks tour, using her bodyguard's credit card and now she just looks off.

Of course, those rumors don't help that she's sold her soul to the devil & now, it seems he wants his due. She's still a sad figure because she's alone.

Rumor also had it that her father was paying Twick, her manager to date her, but he refused to marry her. So now she's back to that crazy phase right before she shaved her head.

All the signs & symptoms are there. But I hope someone comes to her rescue soon.

Kanwalful said...

HAHAHAH. I love how you said "t's like she was made in China or in a lab".

Loving your blog!!!