Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sooo Cheesey....

How did Kendra Wilkinson go from being one of girlfriends of a shriveled up prune to the wife of an Adonis in less than a year??? I am amazed (tell us your secret Kendra). Anyway with all these celebrities breaking up I finally have great news!!! Hank and Kendra make an awesome couple. He is faithful and committed (did you hear that Tiger Woods) and will be the protector of his wife and children. Kendra on the other hand is a versatile, fun loving, and very much wifey material. This couple will last for a really long time. I see them having a house full of kids in a short period of time. I see a yellowish orange aura around them. This means that they have plenty to learn from each other and will plenty of fun hanging out and entertaining the other.

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