Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sarah Palin: Back on the Campaign Trail???

Update 1/12/09: Apparently Sarah Palin has signed a fox new channel deal. She'll be contributing/hosting a show called "Real American Stories". Now this is a good idea. I had a deep fear that she would be doing a show where political issues would be discussed with scholars and politicians who understand politics. This is a good thing for her but she'll be moving on from this after 2 or 3 years. Sarah will be making a comeback and this show is positioning her to run in 2012 again I feel. Oh dear!

While I often wonder why is it that we're talking about a vice presidential candidate a year after the election. I have to admire Sarah Palin as a woman. She has accomplished a lot regardless of her politics. Her and husband Todd Palin are a great couple. I don't see any divorce in their future. I feel as if they would have another child if they could. I don't see Sarah doing any T.V. political shows as a host. This would not suit her at all.  I would love for her to run for Senate and she just might swoop into a senate campaign this year and win. Palin won't be running in anymore Presidential campaigns, but other political endeavors and  business is her true calling. Actually her husband in politics too.

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