Sunday, December 20, 2009

 Brittany Murphy Dead at 32

Update: I feel as if Brittany is definitely in a better place. She did what she had to do on this planet and it was her time to go. I feel a sense of peace regarding her death which is strange since she is so young. Her husband I feel may be next to go. I do feel as if they had a very strong connection and he might not be able to live without her. She can bring him peace from the other side if he is capable of accepting it.

So TMZ is reporting that Brittany Murphy has died from a Heart attack. This is truly shocking. This reminds me of a prediction I made almost 3 months to the date around the time of Patrick Swayze's passing. Read it here.

Another creepy thing. This is the 2nd or 3rd ex-girlfriend of Ashton Kutcher to weird.


Oma said...

RIP Brittany

Tangie said...

Freaking shocking rip Brit

Agniezka said...

Rest in Peace Brit. She was a really good actress who lost her way.