Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm Sad

 Update 3/27/2011: I know I'm pretty late on this one but, I believe that the regal looking woman that I saw Jake with was Taylor Swift. They started dating in October 2010 and broke up in late December 2010. My next mission will now be to see if Jake will end up married like his ex-Reese Witherspoon...sooon!

Why are all these couples breaking up? It's the holiday season shouldn't they just stick it out for the gifts??? Hey maybe that's just me. Anyway I am actually upset that Reese and Jake have broken up. I did do a psychic prediction on them about 2 years ago and predicted an engagement and I was hopeful of marriage. I really feel as if this year they really stepped up the relationship we obviously can see that from the matching outfits.

I don't see them getting back together. Reese Witherspoon doesn't want to become Mrs. Jake Gyllenhall unfortunately. I see Jake taking a little break from dating but we will see him in a serious relationship again very soon I want to say in May 2010. She will be blond and regal looking much prettier than Reese--I guess that will be his revenge. Take that Reese! Reese is quite possibly a man eater.

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Anonymous said...

oh no! i was sad too. i was hoping a long lasting relationship for these too!

Thank God! said...

I was so HAPPY when that boring fauxmance ended!