Friday, December 04, 2009

Does Scientology Does A Marriage Good???

I was thinking about all the celebrity Scientology couples and how their relationships are pretty darn stable. So I googled Scientology couples and found this website. Noticeably missing are Will and Jada Smith who are friends with the numero uno Scientologist couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. I mean who really opens up a school dedicated to a religion they don't serve it would be like a Jewish celebrity opening up a Muslim school in Saudi Arabia.

I really don't see Will Smith's career faltering if he does come out of the religion closet. Then again the couples featured on the website had awesome careers before coming out and then fell flat on their faces the big example is Tom Cruise. But then again it can be said it's not of the public's business (yes it is!).

Will they ever admit to being Scientologist? Never. I like Will and Jada as a couple and they are actually very unified physically and spiritually when they are together. They are absolutely glowing like angels (Not such a Scientology friendly metaphor). I can also see this with Kelly Preston and John Travolta. Tom and Katie not so much but its getting there.


Anonymous said...

Love the blog! Any 2010 predictions for Prince William?

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