Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Death Prediction 2010

I've just realized that I'm not a compiler. I'm just going to do these 2010 predictions as they roll in. So I have this horrible feeling that one of the new generation of comedians will die this year. It will definitely be accidental--certainly not suicidal. I don't want to give a name. When I feel comfortable I'll announce the name.

Regarding the general subject of death for next year. It won't be as active as last year. Although March through June will have a bit of spike in the death rates. I don't see any huge huge celebrities dying freakishly--though a lot older (like really wrinkly) well known celebrities will die (duh there old). I keep on seeing Betty White but I love her--the gays love her--she can't die not so soon. I'll stop typing now....bye

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weareclouds said...

I just remembered this post when the news broke that Greg Giraldo from Last Comic Standing died today from an accidental overdose of pills. Maybe that could be who you were thinking of.