Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Breaking News:Reese Witherspoon Looking Szexy?!?

Update 2/26/2010: I think my psychic prediction about Reese dating a guy who is not an actor but is involved in showbiz was right on. She has been seen with Hollywood super agent Jim Toth, who is actually kind of hot. He works for the Creative Artist Agency and as you see my little prediction had the word artist in it too. lol. Anyway I am still trying to get a vibe from them. I don't believe it's going to last long for--but stay tuned folks.

If I was Jake I would be seething right now. Poor Jake we definitely have to send some psychic love to him. You'll get your revenge soon. He'll try to marry within the year--but let's hope not.

Resse Witherspoon just seems so darn happy to have gotten rid of that big elephant on her shoulder Jake Gyllenhaal. She has been dressing up, looking fabulous and wearing vibrant colors since she dumped Jake. I don't expect her to be wearing black and looking deeply depressed but at least show some restraint with all this fabulousness (she broke up with Donnie Darko for Pete's sake). Apparently breaking up up with Jake has given her a great endorphin high.  I cannot see Reese dating a major star in Hollywood again (well not in 2010). She'll most likely be seen with a producer/director type of guy or an artist. Her next beau will be absolutely gorgeous with light hair, obviously athletically built and much taller than her. Men just might be intimidated by this foxy lady so dating will be hard for her. She's kind of like a Venus fly trap.

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