Sunday, November 22, 2009

What's In Store For Taylor Lautner???

Update 9/24/2011: Taylor and Lilly Collins have broken up after dating for a year and some change. I'm most positive that its Taylor's fault. I can't wait to predict who he'll be dating next but you guy will have to stay tune. I wonder is Taylor Swift and him will get together?!!!

Update 12/1/10: Taylor is apparently dating Phil Collin's dark haired, not really famous daughter Lilly Collins. They look great together but I see this lasting only a year and a half.....

Updated 12/18/09: Taylor Lautner is now also certified personal trainer according to Perezhilton.

I am not feeling Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift together. I cannot see him with her at all. I see him with a dark haired girl who is actually not famous at all. I actually sense that Taylor Lautner is dating someone who is out of the spotlight. I just hope he doesn't fall for Taylor Swift because she just might be branded a man stealer. I can only see him dating a girl for 9 months only anyway. He is in no way looking for wifey or a relationship lasting years. I see him doing many things out of the acting realm including singing (yea really). Outside of the Twilight series of movies I see him doing mostly ensemble cast movies where he is definitely not the main star ( you know what I mean). By the way I've never seen "Twilight" now I'm intrigued by what the hype is all about.

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African Sun said...

I just read that Taylor and Taylor split up and I immediately thought of your prediction.