Tuesday, September 01, 2009

They Got Me Scared for a Lil' Bit

They had my heart thumping like crazy after hearing about their break-up. They so happen to be one of those couples that I love and awaiting marriage from. So it was shocking to hear of their break-up and subsequent sightings of Nick Lachey and a mystery blond. They've got something good going here. Vanessa it's time to start procreating but not before Nick put a ring on it. They still do need time to settle their differences but this relationship is one in a million.

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Liz said...

For a minute there I thought Nick and Jessica were gonna get back 2gether.I woulda luved to see that!

Anonymous said...

Nick needs to leave Nasty Nessa and go back to the love of his life JESSICA ANN SIMPSON-LACHEY!!!!!!