Sunday, September 06, 2009

There's Something About Cameron?!

It doesn't seem as if Cameron Diaz is in any rush to settle down. Wasn't it reported that her and Justin Timberlake had broken up because she wanted to settle down? I guess that parts not true because well Cameron loves her freedom and it seems as if Justin is the settling down type of guy (shhhh it might just be a facade).

So when is Cam going to settle down? I mean if Cameron really wanted to get married today she'd have no problem finding a man but in reality she won't be ready for a long while. I actually don't see her having a kids at all. I'd like to see her with Sean Penn that would be a hot couple or a guy out of the spotlight. I will leave it at Cameron just wants to have fun because I can't even see her getting married. Hopefully this changes but them again, why should does she need to get married when she has enough money to take care of a 3 developing countries and lots of change left over? Opinions please!!! By the way her and Jennifer Aniston have absolutely nothing in common.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. U should post also about Justin i dont think he wants to settle either thats why i though they were a good match

gretagarbo said...

If Jessica truly loves him for who he is in his soul and mind, (and i believe she does) and if she is faithful to him body and heart then he should settle down with her, because that is what he needs : to be loved unconditionally.

that is what we all deserve, if not in this lifetime then in the next one.

Anonymous said...

I get a bad vibe from biel and jt, the chemistry btw them is just weird. will they last? he seemed the happiest with britney, but I dont think they will get back. he also had chemistry with cam..

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I am also not feeling the chemistry between Jt and Jessica but they will end up married anyway.