Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shia's Got a Good Spirit

I don't want to scare anyone but a few minutes ago when I zoned in on Shia Lebeouf to do the psychic reading for him for the website, Billy Joel's song "only the good die young" started playing in my head. I know that Shia had a brush with death earlier in the year in that car accident but there's a chance that he might go quite young. I can sense that he's got a great old spirit and it speaks volumes to me. I know that he has the potential to win an academy award but that won't happen for two more years. He'll settle down and start doing more serious acting (Transformer's 3 doesn't count). I sense that he will marry young around 28 and and have a child (a boy). Oh I feel so close to Shia right now.

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1 comment :

Anonymous said...

cute couple! but I give 'em 6 months.