Sunday, September 06, 2009

Psychic Predictions Revisted: J.Hud and "Punk" Edition

Jennifer Hudson--What's in Store???

***Update: Of course I wish I had predicted a baby for these two but its all good. It kind of still bothers me that Jennifer kind of dumped her long time boyfriend for "Hollywood" then shacked up with Punk right quick but what actually proves that she's not a crazy women is that she didn't go back to the ex after the tragic event of losing her mom, brother and nephew. J. Hud and David Otunga are here to stay according to my crystal ball. I just hope she doesn't end up barefoot and pregnant for the next few years. I see them having 4 kids and David's a good guy I see no separation or divorce in sight.

I feel very sad having to write about Jennifer Hudson but it's not going to be all bad for Jennifer. Yes, it's a tragedy but I see good things coming out of the bad that she's had to suffer so far. Her relationship with David Otunga (Punk) will actually survive all of this. I want to say that they will take a break but he will prove to her that he is in fact the man for her. He will be her rock.

What I am concerned about is his career. Can he go past his image on "I love New York" or will he overcome that and have a lasting acting or whatever career he seeks to obtain in Hollywood. If it was up to me he'd go back to being a lawyer. I hope he does that because if he cannot handle (acting wise) failure their relationship will not survive. Oh yea they will be getting married.

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