Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze is No Longer with Us

I was really hoping Patrick Swayze would pull through but hoping I guess doesn't work in all instances. He was definitely a man not ready to leave the Earth as yet but who often is? No one really I guess but he was fighting to stay here.

I was hoping the summer of Death would end with Swayze but unfortunately another actor will die and it's going to be a young one. I give it three months.

Original Post date:8/7/09

It's not Patrick Swayze's time to go yet. I don't really like making death predictions but I feel like he's going to pull through. Let's see how things go in December--Oh no I can see Mary Hart in my head. Anyway let's just send some good vibes out there for Patrick Swayze. He needs all the positivity he can get right now.

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