Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is She Really Dating 50 Cent?!?

I've never seen any photographic evidence of these two together and when 50 was dating Vivica Fox they were in all types of pictures together so I will say no. Ciara is looking for a good dude. She is a very picky woman. I don't see her going down that road of dating a famous rapper again (bow wow did her wrong of course). Ciara is a woman who learns her lesson well. I would love to see her with someone low-key like an actor like a British black actor. Hmmm her next man might not be American at all. She is still a young woman and while I don't see her getting married and preggers any time soon I don't believe that's far from her mind. Well if she finds the right guy. Since Ciara is picky I sense that she'll find the right man in two years and they will get married. I just wish her career could have such a awesome outlook as her relationship potential but she will be living good. She won't ever be a broke woman.

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