Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ice-t and Coco

So what do the cards hold for Ice-t and Coco?!? I can't seem them lasting forever. The dimensions of their relationship is just as it is captured in many photographs. Ice-t is definitely the one in charge and he expects perfection. There is going to be a time when Coco will want to have a child and that's not going to work for Ice-t at all. Well Coco will have to work on him a little about that situation. Don't get me wrong they've got a pretty great connection one of the strongest I've felt or seen (haha) but the dynamics will have to shift or else things will end. I'm sure Coco enjoys the fun for now but women do eventually grow up especially a married woman. If Coco isn't pregnant within the next 3 years I can't see this relationship lasting. Fortunately I do see her pregnant but there marriage will end in 5 years. There is just too much compromising the issues in this marriage. Though I hope they are able to work these things through.

Ice-T should also watch out for his health.

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