Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Had a Dream.... About Britney

Okay nothing bad happened to Britney in the dream but my 'train' dreams usually signifies some end to something to the people in the dream. In my dream I was on the #4 train (NY'ers should know these lines they run from Bronx to Brooklyn and vice versa for the out of towners) heading to a Britney Spears concert in the Bronx (so weird). It was pitch black in the train and there was a middle aged actor and his young daughter in the train with me. I couldn't make out there faces because of the darkness only their shapes. When I got off the train it turned out that I was actually on the #2 train and had to walk across town to the Britney concert (which is quite far). When I did see Brit in the dream she was smiling and taking pictures with fans and she also performed in a sexy tight, black leather like outfit. I can say for sure that something significant in Brit's life will change or end. The middle-aged actor and daughter seemed really afraid in the dream and he seemed to be consoling her. It might signify death or illness but I can't name the actor unfortunately. I think that we will see some of this playing out very soon. For Britney it could mean injury or another breakdown.

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