Friday, September 04, 2009

Has Halle Gotten It Right This Time?

This relationship may seem like it was doom at the start but somehow Halle kept this in check. Gabriel Aubry is Halle's man for real, I mean obviously they do have kids together but at a time I was worried for their relationship. Halle Berry definitely wears the pants in this relationship and Gabriel has about 40% of the power. What else can I say about this relationship? They've got a great sex life, they do like to argue but they never stay mad at each other and they'll have 4 kids together and I believe they will adopt a kid from America (I'm not knocking the Brangelinas). They'll be together for a very long time. They just may grow old together, Halle getting there first of course. I know I'm missing something in this psychic reading, so stay tuned....

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