Monday, September 28, 2009

George Clooney: Revealed

George Clooney will not settle down with his current Elisabetta Canalis. She will come close though, but George will not be impressed. I see Clooney settling down with a woman around his age. She will not be a young 20 or 30 something. This woman will be an established actress with dark hair and pale skin (very regal looking). I don't believe that having kids is a high priority on Clooney's list but if it happens, it happens. If Elisabetta play her cards right we might hear engagements rumors or there will be an engagement but no marriage. I wonder if he's taking advice from Brad Pitt and Angelina? But then again I'm sure he has enough single, male, Italian friends giving him their hum-- ble opinions.
So how is Clooney in bed??? Well I can say for sure that he is a talker, very strong and wildly passionate (um he'll pull your hair) and likes the closeness of the missionary position. I don't believe he's a fan of the cowgirl position at all. He'd be giving up too much control. Anyway that's all I can say, this is a G-rated blog well it was.


Kendra said...

Karma is a bitch Mel!!!!

Mandie said...

I really thought he would have married this one. Good try Elisabetta.

Anonymous said...

I knew when I first saw pics of them she would get the boot ! I see him secretly dateing someone who is not in the public eye . Don't see the established actress thing unless it's for publicity . I also see him makeing his life even more private than before .