Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Chris And Gwyneth: A Perfect Match???

Here is another couple who has been fighting break-up rumors probably since they got married. This an almost too good to be true harmonious relationship. They compliment one another like a brown shoes to a brown bag (yes). Chris Martin is the perfect husband he let's Gwyneth do whatever she likes as long as it's not too far out there. Chris is a bit too calm for me but I think he's make a perfect husband to Gwyneth. He doesn't mind that she enjoys the spotlight more because what they have when they're alone is truly special. This will be an enduring marriage and the more children they have the better for this to work out "till death do they part". The only way this relationship will break-up is if the even tempered Chris says he's had enough and he'll certainly take the kids. Gwyneth wouldn't leave Chris, she's very happy with her hubby and kids. If this relationship can pass the 13th year I'd say they'll be together forever. I can't see any major conflicts popping up either stay tuned....

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