Thursday, September 03, 2009

Are Tori and Dean Victims of Sensationalist Celebrity Mags???

I've seen Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's reality show a few times they seem like they're in love, right, and I really do believe they are. Is Dean in it for the money too? Of course I'd marry Tom Cruise if he asked but Katie got to him first. All healthy relationships are symbiotic (mutual helplessness???). There is no doubt that Tori is Dean's rock and without her he'd be a broken man (yes really). I do see them having one more kid after this the relationship might suffer but it's hard for me at the moment to see Dean leaving and Tori ain't going anywhere. She'll hang on to her man no matter what. If the relationship was to end it would definitely be Dean's doing unless he becomes a heartless cheater which I won't put past him--he has potential to be one. Dean is a complex guy and I give Tori props for dealing with him.

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