Monday, September 14, 2009

Announcements: I am currently battling ecoli poisoning and a Poo face to Hate Mail

I have gotten the obvious hate mail from people saying you're not psychic when they have never ever gotten a reading from me in their life. It's really offensive because I am not Perez Hilton who is malicious and just for higher traffic on his site. I do free readings as a way to extend an olive branch to those who don't "believe" or those who just have a question and I aim to amaze and I usually do. I am not saying that I'm always right on my prediction but no psychic is ever 100% correct.

I just would like those who send me emails or nasty comments to stop because it's really getting to me. I currently have ecoli poisoning and to get mail with someone basically screaming at you for not providing there free reading within there own allotted time is like spitting in my face. Another thing is I am psychic I see what I see. Please don't ask me to be positive in my predictions I cannot help it that world ain't all unicorns and rainbows.

*** I love talking to readers who appreciate my services and they outnumber the bad by faarrrr! Please keep on sending your questions and expect a wait for my reply but I always do reply. Thanks!

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Bob said...

How can you call your customers poo face you are a poo face and you are evil!

george said...

Maybe because you look like poo face and your cheeks look like bowling balls about to fall off-you pig

Anonymous said...

i probably saw your ugly face in NYC and maybe know where you live.

Anonymous said...

poo face

Ben said...

You are disrepectful for calling any customers poo face.