Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wedding Bells Will Soon Be Ringing!!!

Update 3/9/2010: Nicole Sherzinger and Lewis Hamilton apparently broke up about a month ago but they are now back together according to Perezhilton. Yay. Lewis really needs to put a ring on it right away! I know my time line was off but I do see them marrying in Hawaii in late summer.

I have absolutely no doubts that Nicole Sherzinger and Lewis Hamilton will get engaged. I expect to actually hear rumors or news of this by Late December early January. They are a captivating couple and the love between them really shines. I see a yellow aura around them and this usually signifies playfulness, caring and youthful love. This is a couple that aims to please each other and care very deeply about how the other feels. They are active together in sports, exercise and other activities and this helps keep the vitality in their relationship. If they were to have children I would expect nothing less than a house full of children. This is an A+ relationship.

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