Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rihanna: Releasing more half nude pics???

We'll definitely be seeing more "nudie" pics of Rihanna around the time of her release. Rihanna is not Beyonce and she cannot just get by on singing, dancing and turning whatever street she's photographed on into a runway. These pics will definitely go to another level of "disgust" compared to the first batch. Anyway at this moment I do not see Rihanna stepping out with any guy. I said before that her and Chris Brown will definitely start dating again but that will be after both of them have released albums. I think at the moment her PR team might be on the look out for a man for her just in time for her album release. This guy will definitely be black and famous but they'll have little chemistry between each other. And I'm sure her album will be a hit. There might actually be talks of some song stealing from a lesser known artist.


Anonymous said...

hey girl please post the brit brit prediction u promised :)

Anonymous said...

You should do one on Usher, Ashanti, and Drake

Anonymous said...

Im sorry to say that rihanna and Chris Brown can not be near one another and sure as hell cant date each other at least for the next 5 years. based on the judges order for their restraining order.