Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Little Conspiracy Theory

What really bothers me about how things have turned out after the affair,divorce and re-marriage is that all three of these people have gone on to be successful box office wise and career wise. Of course I didn't expect for all their careers to tank but at least Jennifer Aniston's should have tanked just a bit but after her divorce from Brad Pitt this lady who hadn't never had a hit movie before all this controversy all of a sudden became like the Joan of Arc for spinster ladies all around. Then Brad Pitt and Angelina were not only glorified there fame sky rocketed.

Okay in a nutshell what I'm getting at is, could this have always been a ploy. Was there love in the marriage of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt to begin with or was it just simply a career move? I have never liked them together and never felt or saw a lemon twist of chemistry between them so the demise of their relationship came as no surprise but it did surprise the general public. Could there relationship have been put together by Hollywood executives and then when it more than appeared that there careers weren't being helped, they then threw Angelina in the mix? Angelina before 2005 never really had a real hit movie anyway except for Tomb raider but that was just for a short period.

Does anyone agree with me? Can you see the pattern I've haphazardly typed? Were these relationships as artificial as the fruit basket on your kitchen table?

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Anonymous said...

While you have good points the world may never find out.

Anonymous said...

I do believe Jen & Brad really loved each other but they knew the marriage was not going to last forever. I also, like you, thought that they didn't suit each other but they had lots of fun together.
Honestly I also don't think Angie and Brad are suited well together and building a family so quickly without building a relationship first would be the end of them. They don't really know each other apart from talking 'family'. Will they last - I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Anonymous (Aug. 31). I too don't think Brad and Ange will last (and I think they know it) and that Brad and Jen really were in love when they got together... I really liked another psychic's reading on Brad, that said he was really more so in love with the idea of having kids, not really having a lot. He should have just stuck with just one or two... C'mon the guy looks miserable!! Because seriously, who REALLY wants six kids??!

I think people say that initially, but when they have a few, they realise how hard it is to look after them. The guy is also losing his looks, which is much harder for him than if it were for the rest of us, because he was always regarded as some sort of sex symbol. I feel sorry for the guy, espesh if they do separate, and the kids.