Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kaput: Sean Penn and Robin Wright Edition

***Update: So apparently Sean Penn was seen in London "canoodling" with Victoria's Secrets and Sports Illustrated model Jessica White. Was she the dark-haired woman I saw??? My my how we move on so fast Mr. Penn. A baby between these two would so make my prediction right on. I'll be praying!!! I wonder if Jessica is paying for the dates (ala Terrel Owens style).

Sean Penn is a man who will cheat on you without remorse and even tell you the sultry details even if you didn't ask. The good thing about him though is that he is a good provider for his family. My psychic senses are telling me that Robin Wright has finally had it and will go through with the divorce process because even though Penn doesn't want to be there he wouldn't dare divorce this woman. These two are opposites when it comes to love relationships and their differences have finally ended this relationship.

I do believe that in some way Penn might have felt unappreciated so he had to step out of the relationship but I sense that Robin might have been intimidated financially by her husband or about to be ex. I do sense that they will stay close friends but this is it for the marriage. Sean Penn will no doubt be dating very soon. I see a dark haired woman with him and this will be a serious relationship. Robin on the other hand will not be dating for at least a year. Either Penn or Wright will have another child after the divorce and not with the other.

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