Monday, August 24, 2009

Is Jennifer Aniston Dating Gerard Butler???

I'll give a loud "Hell to the No" for this one. These two are complete opposites and if they were to date they'd annoy each so much that there would be lot of bad blood between the them. And to be honest Jennifer Aniston is way too cool for Gerard Butler. I won't even mention Bradley Cooper because that would just be a train wreck waiting to happen. I see an orange aura around Jen and this could mean that she's controlling and overbearing. She has to be in the spotlight in whatever relationship she's in--hmmm selfish girl. Anyway I would love to see Jen with a model type guy. I wish her an Jason Lewis would have worked out. She needs a guy who is pretty and who is kind of like the guy who will not get upset if his girl punches out a would be attacker--whatever that means. Jennifer will have her baby soon--let's pray and send positive vibes to this woman.

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