Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is it True Beyonce Doesn't Want a Kid Till She's 40 y/o???

Beyonce was interviews in the August issue of Zwierciadto Polish 09 and reportedly said the following [on having kids]:
"Yes, in 10 years! For the moment, there are still so many things I need to accomplish. I still want to win an Oscar but kids, I dunno.You don't have to lose everything just to please the other person because it's just as important that you're happy."

I definitely believe this is true I did a post last year about Beyonce not having a kid until she's 30 y/o but there was something in the back of my mind saying 10 years but of course like any body else, I said damn that is a long azz time to wait especially for poor little Jay-z who is about 40 at the moment. Anyway I do not believe that she will actually go through with this plan. A lot can happen in ten years including a no more relevant career. From my psychic perspective Beyonce and Jay-Z will only be pregnant once (this could also mean twins) and the kids will be cute. This will happen a smidgen above 30 like at 31 y/o.

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