Monday, August 31, 2009

DJ AM: My Initial Thoughts

***Update: TMZ is reporting that DJ AM's death was not a suicide but instead he died of an accidental drug overdose. I totally agree with this and do not believe that DJ AM ever wanted to kill himself. He was found with Crack in possession at the time of his death and that is not good either. He might have been on the path to addiction again and who to knows how long he would have survived that trip. I wonder if MTV will play his documentary even though he's been proven to have fallen off the wagon--I'm not sure what lessons we can learn from his sad story--it's ashame.

This guy never seemed happy to me. I'm have a strong feeling that this was not a suicide even though his twitter alludes to that. I think that he was simply looking to get high and things didn't go as planned aka a heart attack. It was just a few weeks ago that I had him and Travis Barker in my thoughts and was wondering why did these two famous people survived a plane crash which claimed the life of everybody else on board--these two aren't exactly "Earth Angel" after all. There's no doubts that this man was troubled but it may tell a lot that two women (Mandy Moore and Nicole Ritchie) he loved and dated for awhile ended up marrying and one [Nicole Ritchie] actually having two kids with someone else. I believe this tortured soul has finally been laid to rest--poor guy.

By the way Travis Barker will be fine. This doesn't look like any Final Destination stuff. For some reason I sense that Travis still has a lot to do with his life. I admire this guy. He actually gives off a really positive aura (I'm sure Shannon Moakler would disagree).

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Yasmine said...

Should his girlfriend not feel as guilty now? R.I.P. DJ AM