Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brad and Angelina

They are genuinely a match made in heaven. They work well together and with the addition of six kids and counting it adds an even brighter and fresher complex to these two loving people. I have done other readings for Brad and Angie but this one is on a more positive note. I find that the rest of the year will be very peaceful and relaxed. This is the year for them to really solidify their relationship and to bring there family even closer. I sense that by June of next year they will be planning on adding another child into the mix. This child will be adopted and then in 2011 Angelina will go for twins again (boy combo).

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Anonymous said...

I have such a feeling of contempt for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Not because they decided to come together and start a family - their children are absolutely beautiful! I just believe they have no reguard for marriage and Jen Aniston's feelings. I'm in no way saying Jen should be with him. She's better off! I just feel it was so ridiculously rude of Brad to get Jolie pregnant before he was officially divorced. He wasted no time showing the public just how little his marriage to Jen meant- and he gets glorified for it! It's unsavory and down right wrong! For this reason, I do not believe these two will have a happily ever after; not if it had to devastate a woman who honored her marriage! I know God won't allow such blatant mockery and cruelty to Jennifer Aniston. What do you think? Why are so many people so outraged by This couple? How can this be a long term thing? Brad made a total ass of himself.