Thursday, September 03, 2009

Updated:Beyonce's Baby Sister: Solange

***Updated: According to (Just like I said less than a month ago) Solange Knowles is dating a little known/underground rapper by the name of "Wale". The two apparently met when they recorded a song together. This guy ain't no Jay-Z but Solange is not looking for that.

Originally posted 8/6/09

I am happy to see that Solange is finally coming into her own. She has a good album out and I've seen the video for her songs even on MTV so I guess that a good sign that the tides are turning for her career. My psychic prediction for Solange is that she'll be writing a book on celebrity parenting it should be released in late 2010. She is no longer just Beyonce's baby sister but she's a mom and this book writing is going to be a move that will give her some traction in her career. This girl is a lover meaning that when she's in love she truly cares about the person, you will not be seeing her in a superficial relationship with a rapper unless he's underground. Anyway I'd like to see her in a relationship with a conscious fellow but she won't meet the one for another 3 years.

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