Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aaliyah:My July 2001 Prediction

I can't believe it's been 8 years since Aaliyah has died, time flies so fast. About a month before Aaliyah's death I was in a family members backyard awaiting some BBQ food to get off the grill and I was also reading a vibe magazine (check that act out if you're curious) that had her on the cover. While I was reading the article on Aaliyah I just had this foreboding feeling that she was going to die and to be frank I think she knew this too. I remember saying to my cousin out loud,"Aaliyah's going to die". Of course at that point it could have been just a throw away comment but not even a month later Aaliyah dies in the plane crash along with 8 other people.

What kind of haunts me to this day is that her music videos back in 2001 were very dark and scary. She seemed very quiet and out of it whenever I'd see her in interviews. Everything happens for a good and wise purpose as my fellow Jamaican countrymen would say so even though we are sad when someone passes that person in in a better place. What also struck me as odd was that 9/11 happened just two weeks later. That's why I always say when a genuinely good person dies something bad is going to happen which will affect a whole bunch of us here.

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