Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Will This Relationship Survive???

Update 3/23/2010: Darn it, they broke up. I blame Jennifer. I will still stick by my reading but then again I don't think Jen will look back, she's gone baby gone.

I don't think Jennifer Love Hewitt could have picked a better man and vice versa. Jamie Kennedy although not the typical Hollywood heartthrob is warm, sweet, trustworthy and loyal. While J.Love is adoring, doting and au naturale. I just wish that Love wasn't just getting out of an engagement. While this doesn't seem to be affecting the relationship now, some bones from the past might come back up to haunt the relationship. Kennedy will definitely stay understanding and will be the rock that Love desperately needs. I give this relationship a thumbs up because these two just make such a cute couple. I'm jealous. Wedding bells are in the future, I say in six months and a baby in less than a year.

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