Monday, July 27, 2009

Will He Still Make it in Show business?

My psychic prediction for Chris Brown is that he will make a pretty big comeback. At the time that his new album drops I predict that Rihanna and many other famous artist will try to make him look good by saying some pretty great things about him, not to mention many of "The next King of Pop" comparisons. His first single will definitely be a duet with a very well liked R&B musician, it might be a male singer. Well how is Chris Brown able to make this comeback? I would say pure luck and sheer charm. He is loved by the woman because he is that sexy boyfriend all the young girls want.

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Anonymous said...

That is interesting but I don't think I ever want to listen to Chris Brown ever again. I hope the album is a huge failure! Abuse can't be tolerated!

P.S Will you PLEASEEEEE do a reading for Amy Adams?! I ADORE her! =]