Saturday, July 25, 2009

Predictions Revisited--Did I Predict Jackson's Death??? (10/27/2008)

My Very First 2009 Prediction!!!

***Update: This is what I get for procrastinating, I never did come back to update this post with the celebrity's name.

I am very concerned about a major Hollywood star being killed in 2009. While I was riding on the bus on my way back to NYC from somewhere (not jail). I had the chance to kind of go over my past predictions and I figured out a pattern that I had never noticed before. This pattern is telling me that from June-August 2009, two major Hollywood actors or a very high profiled person will be killed unexpected and we're all gonna feel it. Like the past deaths of Princess Diana and JFK Jr. these stars death will be shrouded in a kind of mystery. I have a few inclinations of who they will be but I don't want to say anything until I am for sure.



Chelsea W. said...

Well you were close enough. Thanks for the reading yesterday!

Brit said...

I love your site! You need to update everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!