Friday, July 31, 2009

A Latin Lover For Jessica Simpson

My fans know that I love love Jessica Simpson, she is by far my most favorite celebrity. As I've said before this girl has good intention. I never approved of Tony Romo but the dream that I had of her getting married a year ago gave me some hope--perhaps he was gonna be the one but then again he wasn't the "man" in the dream.

This time around I would love to see Jessica with a dark skinned man whether he's latin, black, Arab,Chinese or Indian. This girl needs a change from the assholes she's been dating, not to say only white guys are asshats. She has a very sensitive and good heart and if she listen to her real close friends who know the real her she won't end up being dumped the day before her birthday again. We won't see Jessica with a new man till about October but she will be dating alot in between.

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Anonymous said...

I know right now Jessica must be real jealous of her lil' sis.