Thursday, July 23, 2009

Are They For Real???

Update: They're hitched! Wow that was fast but expected. Is a baby next? Gotta be right??? Twins

This is a genuinely healthy relationship. Yes, it's kind of fast paced considering engagement rumors but I believe Christina Milian and The-Dream will make it down the isle. He is honest, caring and gives Christina the support that she needs and she is the gorgeous, talented and hard working girl that The-Dream needs. These two have had past relationships ups and downs and I have no doubt they will take from that and make the relationship work even therapy if needed. I don't see a baby in the near future, that kind of bothers me but I think in 3 years a baby will appear.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think they'll last past 6 months. She dates producers in order to get tracks, she's a hoe.