Sunday, November 02, 2008

Couple of the Week-Holly &Criss Angel

I believe 2 out of my 3 "couples of the week" or "couples to watch" have gotten married. I am still awaiting Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy to tie the knot. Anyway Holly Madison and Criss Angel make a great partnership. I actually feel as if Holly will find that her love for Criss will be greater than what she had for Hugh Hefner. I find this relationship to be well rounded and I cannot wait to see the ebb and the flows of their couplehood! I find Holly intriguing and I'm sure Criss is too.Their stars will rise and hopefully Holly's belly too!. I am going out on a limb here but 3 months and we'll be hearing rumors of a marriage and baby (a boy).

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Anonymous said...

Well, we all know now how this relationship turned out. And he's still married to his latest wife. (Bigamy is still illegal in this country, and I'm sure Holly didn't want the polygamist lifestyle. Or did she? Always going after married men). She needs to find her own (i.e., single) guy for a change.